What’s the goal of this project?


  • Thousands of robots all over the world like this
  • Exploring anywhere by actually being there with a robot body
  • Paying a couple dollars for somebody to take over your bot and clean the house for you


How can I set up my own bot like this?

Any robot will work, all it has to do it communicate with the runmyrobot server. Currently we use mostly socket.io to do this. Details are at github.com/runmyrobot/runmyrobot where we have a full open source solution. You are welcome to install ours or make your own version of bot software!


I want to 3D print a bot. Where are your 3D models?

Check out github.com/runmyrobot/runmyrobot_3d_models


Do you sell bots?

Yes we do. Just click on the shop link at the top to find out about our stuff.


How much do these robots cost to make?

4 hour battery life and little motors: $150

24 hour battery life and big 27D motors: $400